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"Svampegjengen" fra Marin Biodiversitet/Geobio sender en liten hilsen fra Fremantle, Australia.
Researchers from the Marine Biodiversity research group, are embarking on the first in a series of research cruises to the relatively unexplored waters of Sognefjord.
Once a year Vietnamese students and pupils honor their teachers by giving gifts, arranging concerts, making them dinner and so on.
Last week a team of twelve researchers and research technicians set out on a 5-day cruise to Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjorden.
“Marine Macrofauna – systematics and taxonomy” was the somewhat dry title of the course, a title not at all reflecting the enthusiasm students and teachers showed facing the diverse and fascinating marine fauna of the Swedish west coast.
Norwegian Natural History Museums join forces with Swedish institutions to establish research schools in biosystematics
Marine Benthic Fauna of Møre og Romsdal
BIO scientists Glenn Bristow, Tore Høisæter and Rune Rosland have been involved in NUFU projects in Vietnam.