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Of Authorship and Originality

Of Authorship and Originality: Reclaiming Copyright in Support of Creative Collaboration in the Digital Environment (OOR) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration bringing together principal investigators and post-doctoral researchers of the Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Department of Information Science and Media Studies (University of Bergen, Norway) and the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom).

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The project queries how insights from literary theory, music studies, film/visual studies and other Humanities' disciplines can help articulate copyright norms that enable sustainable creative practices in the digital environment. Our focus will be on two interrelated, key concepts in copyright law: the author and the work.

Authorship in Collective Arts
Department of Information Science and Media Studies (Infomedia)
University of Bergen
Prof. Jostein Gripsrud, principal investigator
Dr. Erlend Lavik, post-doc researcher

This project's theoretical challenge lies in finding a way to modify the traditional Romanticist notion of authorship that still inform today's copyright laws, particularly in view of the characteristics of collaborative production of artworks in different media and genres, without giving up on the idea that creators or authors of such works must retain a right to certain forms of control of the subsequent use of their works. In collaboration with our partners in the field of law, we wish to identify ways in which a renewed understanding could and should impact on the making and the interpretation of copyright law. While exploring theoretical contributions in several disciplines, our empirical focus will be creative processes in audiovisual production and popular music. Both cultural forms are heavily dependent on digital technologies and are thoroughly marked by collaborative forms of production. The Bergen project will study these two media and genres using well-proven ethnographic methodologies