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Janice Radway is new professor II at UiB

The internationally recognized Janice A. Radway is new professor II at Department of Information Science and Media Studies.

Janice Radway
Northwestern University
Janice Radway på UiB

Janice A. Radway is new professor II at Department of Information Science and Media Studies. The research group in this regard arranged the multidisciplinary seminar ”Janice Radway in a Scandinavian Context”. The seminar took place in Bergen 20. September, with a talk from Radway herself, the danish reception scientist Kirsten Drotner, literature professor Christine Hamm and norwegian scientists from the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo who is doing work on culture and media.

"I felt truly honored by the seminar and grateful to its organizers, Synnove Skarsbo Lindtner and Brita Ytre-Arne.  It is rare to be given such a gift. Indeed, to hear others summarize the nature of one’s work in such interesting ways and to learn how one’s books and articles have inspired new research over the years is profoundly gratifying. And the papers were all terrific! The research being done in the department and around Norway and Scandinavia more generally about audiences and reception is very exciting. I was especially intrigued to hear how researchers are combining quantitative research with interviews and ethnography in order to understand people’s engagement with social media, Norwegian television series, fictional discourse, writing about mothers and motherhood and so much more. I was also really excited to hear how people are incorporating social media in innovative ways in research that looks at other forms and at public connection in the larger sense. I really do look forward to continuing the conversations that began at the seminar", - Janice Radway. 

Radway is a Professor in Communication studies, American studies and gender studies. She works at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she among other things leads the Rhetoric and Public Culture Program. Janice Radway is the author of Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy and Popular Literature, a classic within audience research, and A Feeling for Books: The Book- of-the-Month Club, Literary Taste, and Middle Class Desire. Nowadays she works on so called ”girls studies” and feministic underground publications from the 1990s.

Radway will work together with postdoc Synnøve Lindtner on, for instance, a publication based on the seminar. During her stay Radway has held lectures for master students in interviewing techniques and a seminar for students just starting writing their master thesis, and met with different scientists at the department.