Research Group for Medieval Philology

Lærdomstårnet Typus Grammaticae frå Margarita philosophia (1503)

Leadership committee (2019)

  • Aidan Keally Conti (Latin, Medieval Philology)
  • Helen F. Leslie-Jacobsen (Old Norse)
  • Zuzana Stankovitsová (Old Norse)
  • Juliane Marie-Thérèse Tiemann (Old Norse, Linguistics)


Website and Communication

  • Zuzana Stankovitsová
  • Juliane Marie-Thérèse Tiemann

The Research Group for Medieval Philology is a meeting place for researchers and graduate students at the Humanities Faculty at the University of Bergen, besides the other faculties and teaching places. The members of the group have in common that they are engaged in research with a philological slant, that is, that the study of texts stands central to their work.

The research group is open for all medievalists connected to the University of Bergen (past or present) and everyone else who is interested. If you would like to join, please contact via email. Thank you!

Magnus lagabøte

Spring programme 2020

Vårprogram for FIM

The Research Group Presents
Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 326(1076) (s. ix/x), fol. 67r (detail)
Feb 24

Books, Travels, and Liturgies: Strategies of Compilation, Ritual Commemoration, and the Use of History in the Itinerarium Egeriae and Codex 326(1076), Stiftsbibliothek Einsiedeln

Klazina Staat (Ghent University) discusses compilations of itineraria and liturgical descriptions.

The Research Group Presents
Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodl. 343 (s. xii ¾), fol. viii_v (detail)
Mar 02

Preaching, Communication, and Communities: The Sermon Manuscripts of 11th and 12th-Century England

Inka Moilanen (Stockholm University) discusses the material aspects of sermon manuscripts in the context of the sermon as a literary genre.

International Conference
The 12th Bergen International Postgraduate Symposium
Mar 30

POSTPONED: The 14th Bergen International Postgraduate Symposium in Old Norse Studies 2020

The annual international postgraduate symposium in Old Norse Studies organised by the Old Norse section of the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies.

Philology for whom?

Philology includes the source study of language, literature and culture and is part of a tradition dating back to Humanism at the end of the 1700s. In principle, medieval philology includes all languages,
but at the University of Bergen, the focus is on European culture, in particular medieval Latin, Norse, English, German, and French.