Research Group for Medieval Philology

Le lingue nordiche nel medioevo (2018)

A selection of medieval Norse texts with parallel Italian translations, edited by Odd Einar Haugen in collaboration with Massimiliano Bampi, Marina Buzzoni, Andrea Meregalli and Luca Panieri.

Main content

The first volume of “Le lingue nordiche nel medioevo” contains extracts of medieval Norse texts from the period 1200-1500. The book offers a selection of four texts in each of the languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic, as well as one text in Gutnish. Each extract contains a short introduction, a facsimile of the manuscript page, followed by the text in the original language and a parallel Italian translation. A longer general introduction gives an overview of the linguistic development of the Nordic languages, the literary genres and the development of the script and manuscript culture in the discussed period. 

The book has been published in open access by Novus forlag with financial support from the University of Bergen: http://omp.novus.no/index.php/novus/catalog/book/2 and is also available in a printed version. 

Volume 2 is currently under preparation. It will contain a glossary to all the texts and an overview of the grammar of the Nordic languages in the period 1200-1500.