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Fjǫld veit hon frœða

Fjǫld veit hon frœða is a collection of twenty works authored by Else Mundal. The collection was published as a festschrift in connection with Else Mundal’s retirement as Professor of Old Norse Philology at the University of Bergen at the end of 2012.

Main content

The editors of the collection are Odd Einar Haugen (UiB), Bernt Øyvind Thorvaldsen (Høgskolen i Telemark) and Jonas Wellendorf (University of California, Berkeley). All the articles have been published earlier, but they have been scanned in and typeset anew besides the fact that the bibliographic style has been adjusted to that used by the series, Bibliotheca Nordica. The festschrift is also equipped with indices of persons and works mentioned. In case anyone should be in doubt about Else Mundal’s breadth of knowledge, they can browse through these indices and see for themselves.

Besides the tabula gratulatoria and a laudatory article from Sverre Bagge, Lars Boje Mortensen, Torstein Jørgensen and Leidulf Melve, the book also contains a bibliography of Else Mundal’s academic work. The bibliography as it stands reckons up 235 items, but many new additions will be made for sure in future years.

The editors end their forward thus:

“Three times it says in Vǫluspá: Fjǫld veit hon frœða, she knows much. This applies to just as much and is merited by our colleague and friend Else. We encourage the readers of this volume to be taken on a journey through Old Norse literature and culture, and we are sure that the readers will derive equally much pleasure from this book as we experienced in putting it together."

The book is number four in the series Bibliotheca Nordica and was published by Novus in Oslo, December 2012.