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Approaching Methodology

Frog and Pauliina Latvala, eds., with Helen F. Leslie. Approaching Methodology. Second revised edition with an introduction by Ulrika Wolf-Knuts. Humaniora 368. Helsinki: Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 2013.

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Questions of method and methodology are often both problematic and elusive. Discussions on method have been developing to some degree independently in the research traditions of many countries as well as in different fields with emphasis on diverse types of traditions and corpora. The eighteen articles of "Approaching Methodology" open broadly international and cross-disciplinary discussions on different aspects of methods and methodology. This volume brings many contemporary perspectives on approaching and analysing aspects of culture and cultural expression into dialogue, especially from fields of folklore studies, ethnology, philology, medieval studies, linguistics and semiotics. Together, these many discussions form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Both this volume as a whole and the individual contributions will be of interest and benefit to a broad range of researchers. The introduction will be especially valuable for students and young scholars who are trying to orient themselves amid the questions, challenges and potentials associated with methods and methodologies.