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Symposium in honour of Odd Einar Haugen, his 60th birthday: “Manuscripts, Editions, Grammar: Perspectives on Old Norse Literature”

Bilde av håndskriftet UB Bergen MS 1836, 1
UB Bergen MS 1836, 1; Magnus Lagabøtes Nyere Landslov



Manuscripts, Editions, Grammar:
Perspectives on Old Norse Literature


Time: 19th September 2014, 09:15-18:30


Place: Christies gate 13 (Vektergården), room 251

The Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies organises a symposium on 19th September in honour of Odd Einar Haugen, his 60th birthday. The symposium will include papers representing new research in subject areas central to Odd Einars own work.





09.15-09.30   Coffee

09.30-09.45   Opening

09.45-10.45   Massimiliano Bampi (Venezia): Delectare et prodesse: AM 191 fol. and its Audience

10.45-11.00   Break

11.00-12.00   Else Mundal (Bergen): Når den rette teksten er rang

12.10-14.00   Deltakarane samlast på Muséplass, lunch afterwards.

14.00-15.00   Jürg Glauser (Zürich): Manuscripts and Space. Spatial and Material Aspects of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature

15.00-16.00   Helen Leslie (Bergen): Intertextual Perspectives on Örvar-Oddr's Death Song in its Various Manuscripts

16.00-16.30   Break

16.30-17.30   Robert Paulsen (Bergen): Naglfar - A Case of Mistaken Etymology

17.30-18.30   Jens Eike Schnall (Bergen): Editions, Grammar, and Cultural History: Some Remarks on Húsdrápa 11

19.00              Dinner at Jacob Aall (Xhibition)



Registration for the dinner until 15th September to Helen Leslie

Everybody is welcome to the dinner!

(However, the dinner is not free - for more information, please follow this link or contact Helen Leslie)