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Marialuisa Caparrini: "Medieval cuisine and medieval cookbooks."

Prof. Marialuisa Caparrini gave the opening lecture in the series "Food in the Middle Ages" hosted by the Research Group for medieval Philology and Bryggens Museum.

Bilde av Prof. Marialuisa Caparrini under foredraget
Prof. Marialuisa Caparrini
Jutta Schloon

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Marialuisa Caparrini (University of Ferrara): "Medieval cuisine and medieval cookbooks. The Germanic tradition with a focus on German and Nordic texts."


Marialuisa Caparrini is Associate Professor for Germanic Philology at the University of Ferrara. She gave an introduction to medieval cuisine and addressed the relation between medieval cuisine and medicine and between medieval cuisine and religious restrictions. Her main topics were medieval cookery books and recipe collections of the German and Nordic traditions.

How do these recipies look like? How does medieval medicine influence the culinary literature? And do medieval cookbooks really reflect regional and national eating habits or do they rather reflect international influences and an European cuisine?