Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)
Course in Multimodal Imaging

2nd MIC Multimodal Imaging Course

MIC is happy to announce our 2nd course in Multimodal Imaging of small animals. Through both a teoretical and practical approach the aim is to educate the participants on the principles behind four different small animal imaging modalities.

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In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the range and quality of information available from noninvasive imaging methods used in small animal research. Today, imaging techniques are potentially capable of assessing pathology such as tumor status both in terms of morphology and phenotype, and to predict early treatment response qualitatively and quantitatively.

Several small animal imaging technologies as well as qualified personnel/expertise are offered through our facility.  Our current instrumentation includes MR imaging, PET/CT imaging, optical imaging (OI) and ultrasound (US), as well as post-processing tools for each modality.

MIC is now arranging the 2nd MIC Multimodal Imaging Course, with the aim of giving the participants knowledge on the principles behind as well as the practical use of the small animal imaging modalities. The basic theoretical background will be introduced in a lecture prior to the first hands-on training on each instrument. The second round of practical hands-on will also include an introduction to basic data analysis.

Maximum 8 participants.

When:                               07.-10. November 2017

Where:                              Dept. of Biomedicine and Haukeland hospital

Registration deadline:         13. of October 2017

Price:                                4800 NOK *

*(includes course material, coffee breaks, dinner Wednesday evening and lunch Friday). 

Program:                          Download  under attachments (vedlegg)

Online registration form.