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Available Master Projects

Master projects in Marine Microbiology

If you are fascinated by the invisible world of microorganisms and are interested in ecology and evolution, then you are at the right place in our group! During your master project, you will get the opportunity to learn a variety of different laboratory techniques and work with research questions on microbial ecology and evolution .

Master student doing lab-work in the Marine Microbiology Group
Fateme PZade

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If you are interested in doing your masters thesis in our group, please consider the general information below.

Deadline for applying: 15 April / 1 November (Applicants financing their own studies: application period 11 October - 1 December) Official information about registering for a master's programme can be found here (in Norwegian) (in English)

UiB has two annual deadlines for masters' programmes: 15 April / 1 Nov. Learn more.
Applicants financing their own studies: application period 11 October - 1 December


Available projects in Marine microbiology:


We encourage you do take contacte with people from our group directly to discuss different options for potential master projects. Some examples are presented in the following: 

Interested in marine ciliates? -> Contact Jorun Egge and Aud Larsen

Suggested projects:

Interested in microbial biodiversity and antimicrobial resistance? -> Contact Lise Øvreås

Suggested projects:

Interested in bacterial and algal virus-host interactions? -> Contact Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Aud LarsenGunnar BratbakSelina Våge

Suggested for projects:

Interested in primary production and hydrography? -> Contact Jorun Egge and Svein-Rune Erga

Suggested projects:


Interested in biogeochemical cycles and climate? -> Contact Gunnar Bratbak, Aud Larsen and Lise Øvreås


Interested in theoretical ecology and mathematical modeling of microbial food webs? -> Contact Selina Våge


A flyer with general information about possible master projects in the Marine Microbiology Group can also be found here.


Job opportunities:

Former master students from our group have for example received jobs as technicians at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, project leaders at Helgeland Havbruksstasjon (LetSea), research assistants at UiB or Haukeland Hospital, and Ph.D.'s at different universities.