Modern Philosophy

The research area Modern Philosophy is made up of a wealth of philosophical perspectives and problem fields. Historically, "modern philosophy" is philosophy from the renaissance up until our own times - and the research area both history of modern philosophy and thematically oriented research with reference to the philosophers and philosophies of the mentioned period. "Modern philosophy" may also designate a set of problems with reference to modernity (for instance modern art, literature and modes of communication, modern living conditions, forms of knowledge, forms of society, and so on). Thus, modern philosophy also seeks connections to contemporary questions outside academic philosophy - both in other academic disciplines and in non-academic fields.

The research area includes research on, and on the basis of, several central fields in contemporary philosophy, for instance phenomenology, critical theory and structuralism/post-structuralism. Diversity in modern philosophy is also of a linguistic character, making among others both German, French and Italian contemporary philosophy fields of research.

Academic staff

Paola de Cuzzani

Anne Granberg

Hans Marius Hansteen

Helge Pettersen

Vibeke Tellmann


Interculturalism and Diversities