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List of doctorates with affiliation to the Norwegian MS Competence Centre and Research Group.

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MS Group dissertations: 

  1. Karine Eid UiB 2024 “Multiple adversity: Childhood abuse, adult abuse and perinatal depression in women with Multiple sclerosis”
  2. Intakhar Ahmad UiB 2024: "Novel biomarkers in multiple sclerosis pathology with a focus on neuroprotection and myelin repair".
  3. Ingrid Anne Lie UiB 2023: "Biomarkers and risk factors of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis".
  4. Espen Benjaminsen, UiTø 2022: “Multiple sclerosis in Northern Norway, epidemiology and comorbidity”.
  5. Alok Bahn, UiB 2022: “Neurofilament Light Chain as a biomarker in multiple sclerosis: A ten-year follow-up study”.
  6. Ragnhild Reehorst Lereim UiB 2021: «Using mass spectrometry-based proteomics to improve the understanding of multiple sclerosis treatments».
  7. Kristin Wesnes, UiB 2021: “The impact of lifestyle factors on disease risk and long-term disability progression in multiple sclerosis”
  8. Silje Kvistad, UiB 2021: “Multiple sclerosis - the impact of environmental- and lifestyle factors”
  9. Cecilie O. Jacobsen UiB 2020. "Clinical implications of brain atrophy. A longitudinal study in patients newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis". *
  10. Agnes Nystad, UiB 2020: "Effects of calcitriol and fingolimod on remyelination in the cuprizone model".
  11. Gerd Haga Bringeland, UiB 2020: «A mass cytometry receptor occupancy study of natalizumab therapy in multiple sclerosis».
  12. Henning Kristian Olberg, UiB 2018: "Influenza virus infection and vaccination in Guillain-Barré syndrom (GBS) and multiple sclerosis (MS)".
  13. Egil Rørvik Røsjø, UiO 2017: “Vitamin A, D and E and inflammation in multiple sclerosis”.
  14. Hanne Marie Bøe Lunde, UiB 2017: “Patient-centered outcomes in multiple sclerosis. Results from observational studies on sleep, employment, and survival”
  15. Kjetil Lauvland Bjørnevik, UiB 2017: "The interplay between environmental risk factors for multiple sclerosis".
  16. Marianna Cortese, UiB 2017: "The timing of environmental risk factors and prodromal signs of multiple sclerosis".
  17. Astrid Guldbrandsen, UiB 2016: “Proteome and deglycopeptide analyses of neurologically healthy and multiple sclerosis affected cerebrospinal fluid. Mass spectrometry experiments, literature mining and data sharing".
  18. Sveinung Fjær, UiB 2016: "Magnetization Transfer Ratio in Experimental Models of Multiple Sclerosis".
  19. Kristin Ingeleiv Løken-Amsrud UiO 2014: Fat Soluble Vitamins in Multiple Sclerosis. *
  20. Sonia Gavasso, UiB 2013: "Evaluation of interferon-beta neutralizing antibodies in individual patients with multiple sclerosis based on phospho-specific flow cytometry».
  21. Stig Wergeland, UiB 2013: "Vitamin D and ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids as disease modifying factors in multiple sclerosis".
  22. Anne Cathrine Kroksveen, UiB 2012:” Quantitative proteomics analysis of cerebrospinal fluid – Biomarker discovery and verification in multiple sclerosis.”
  23. Heidrun, Vethe, UiB 2012: "Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of human cerebrospinal fluid. Biomarker discovery and verification in multiple sclerosis".
  24. Jill Annette Opsahl, UiB 2011: “The cellular distress proteome. A quantitative proteomics study of oxidatively stressed cells”.
  25. Solveig B. Glad, UiB 2011:”The natural history of benign multiple sclerosis – results from a population-based long-term follow-up cohort in Hordaland County, Western Norway”.
  26. Øivind Fredvik Grytten Torkildsen, UiB 2010:” Environmental risk factors for multiple sclerosis. Results from animal and human studies on diet intervention, vitamin D and Epstein-Barr virus”.
  27. Kirsten Lode, UiB 2010: "Coping with multiple sclerosis". *
  28. Tori Smedal, UiB 2010: “The Influence of Physiotherapy and Climate on Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis. Aspects of physical performance, fatigue, and health-related quality of life”.
  29. Tarja Annikki Rajalathi Kvalheim, UiB 2010: "Mass spectral profiling and multivariate analysis for detection of biomarker signatures; application to multiple sclerosis".
  30. Antonie Beiske, UiO 2009: «Non-motor symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis».
  31. Nina Grytten Torkildsen, UiB 2008: «Multiple Sclerosis in Western Norway. Incidence, prevalence, survival, and the lived experience».
  32. Julie Dahl, UiB 2008: «Multiple sclerosis and pregnancy. Pregnancy, delivery, and birth outcome in women with multiple sclerosis».
  33. Milka Satinovic, UiB 2008: «Omlegging av livskurs: En grunnleggende prosess i et godt liv med multippel sklerose».
  34. Nanna Figved, UiB 2007: «Neuropsychiatric aspects of multiple sclerosis». *
  35. Maura Pugliatti, UiB 2007: «Epidemiological studies of multiple sclerosis in a Sardinian population, insular Italy - Cluster studies and health status».
  36. Kjell-Morten Myhr, UiB 2001: «Multiple sclerosis: etiology, interferon treatment and prognosis».
  37. Monica W. Nortvedt, UiB 2001: «The significance of measuring the quality of life in multiple sclerosis: Obtaining important information not provided by traditional measures».
  38. Lars Bø, UiB 1998: «Multiple Sclerosis. Immunopathological Studies of Inflammatory Central Nervous System Demyelination».
  39. Rune Midgard, UiB 1996: «Epidemiological Studies of Multiple Sclerosis. Descriptive and Analytical Aspects».
  40. Elling Ulvestad, UiB 1995: «Immunsystemets betydning for oppnåelse av hjerneskade ved multippel sklerose».
  41. Marit Grønning, UiB 1994: «Multiple sclerosis: descriptive and analytic epidemiological studies of possible etiologic factors».
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