Research group Multilingualism on my mind


Multilingualism on my mind

Head of the research group: Åsta Haukås

The main aims of the research group are to explore different aspects of multilingualism and to promote research collaboration.

Principle areas of interest include the development of multilingual and multicultural awareness and identity among language learners, teacher trainees and in-service language teachers in various educational settings.

The research group meets regularly with the aim of:

  1. Bringing together people who share an interest in researching multilingualism in education
  2. Establishing a shared set of research objectives
  3. Developing and exchanging ongoing projects and new ideas

The team of Multilingualism on my mind also organises open research seminars (by staff, PhD students and external speakers), as well as roundtable discussions where the members share and exchange ideas and present their research.

MA thesis on multilingualism
multi'coloured figures

Future English Teachers’ Thoughts on Multilingualism

Do student teachers feel prepared to teach English in multilingual classrooms? Synne Nordlie investigated student teachers’ beliefs about multilingualism in her fresh master’s thesis.

Language Awareness
This picture is a metaphoric representation of awareness by looking.

Be aware of languages

Language is everywhere. We are surrounded by it, use it to express ourselves, to think, to learn, to act, to communicate. Language is therefore one of our highest goods. This good is not just one language but a multitude of different languages, dialects, accents, varieties and registers.

Multilingualism and identity
Members of the project "UNGSPRÅK" after presentation in Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge

Exploring multilingualism and identity in Cambridge

MoMMs recently presented their research at an international conference

MoMM's second seminar
Meeting of two research groups

MoMM meets TYPOlex to talk about languages, multilingualism and… humour

MoMM met the research group TYPOlex from Copenhagen Business School.

language teacher collaboration
Language teachers making plans  for a multilingual teaching unit

Collaborative teaching across languages

Teachers rarely collaborate across language subjects, even though such collaboration could enhance their students` multilingual awareness and language competences in multiple ways.