Natural product chemistry and Pharmacognosy

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Natural product chemistry
  • Joint field for the researchers in this group is organic compounds isolated from the nature – natural products. Natural products are produced in the primary and secondary metabolism in different organisms. Secondary metabolites are not essential for the survival of the organism, but they are still highly important since they will give the organism an evolutionary advantage. Secondary metabolites can for example be a toxic compound which protects the organism from being attacked or it can be a beautiful color to attract attention
  • Isolated natural products can also have different value for humans – from natural dyes in food to pharmacological and biological activity related to health and diseases. In this research group we work with different natural products with different application value. Natural products are being isolated from both plant and organisms from land (terrestrial) and from the sea (marine).  The structures of the natural products are elucidated with the aims of different analytical tools (HPLC, UV/visible, LC-MS, NMR etc.) – and chemical properties are examined. Biological active compounds are examined for potential use.
Employees and students


Professor Øyvind M. Andersen, leader

Professor Torgils Fossen

Associate Professor Monica Jordheim

Professor emeritus George W. Francis


Research Assistant PhD Irene Skaar

PhD student Ole-Johan Juvik

PhD student Helge Berland


PhD student Kjersti Enerstvedt