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the Renal Research Group

Renal Research Group and associated members. Upper row from left to right: Hassan Elsaid, Lea Landolt, Bjørn Egil Vikse, Ida Stalund, Øystein Eikrem, Einar Svarstad, Ole Petter Nordbø, Philipp Straus, August Hoel, Dagny Ann Sandnes, Jessica Furriol, Rannveig Skrunes. Lower row from left to right: Thomas Knoop, Sabine Leh, Tarig Osman, Hans-Peter Marti, Karin Margrethe Hjelle, Camilla Tøndel, Ingegjerd Sekse.

The Renal Research Group

The Renal Research Group has conducted basic research in renal diseases and hypertension since the early seventies. The main objectives have been to explore mechanisms in development of chronic renal failure in rats and mice. Read more

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Significant funding for research in personalized therapy of hypertensive nephropathy

The project "Digital technology for personalised management and therapy of hypertensive nephropathy" received 20 million NOK funding from Helse-vest


Professor Hans-Peter Marti, leader
Email: Hans-Peter.Marti@uib.no



Department of Clinical Medicine
The Laboratory Building
Haukeland University Hospital
5021 Bergen