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Charalampos Tzoulis, MD PhD

Group Leader

Charalampos Tzoulis
Charalampos Tzoulis, MD, PhD Group Leader
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Charalampos Tzoulis is a consultant Neurologist and research group leader at Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen, Norway. 

Clinically, he specialize in neurogenetics and neurodegeneration with a main focus on neurodegeneration and movement disorders including ataxia, dystonia and parkinsonism.

He leads the research group TSNA (https://www.uib.no/en/rg/neurodegeneration), which is dedicated to the study of human aging and neurodegeneration with a particular focus on Parkinson’s disease. Their mission and long-term aim is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying age-related neurodegenerative disease and to design novel therapies.