Neural Networks


AII amacrine

Basic and translational research within the area of neuroscience:

  • The Lundervold lab has a focus on pattern recognition in structural and functional biomedical magnetic resonance images (MRI) and its application in clinical neurology and neurobiological research.

  • The Retinal Microcircuits Laboratory, led by Meg Veruki and Espen Hartveit has a focus on the synaptic and cellular mechanisms of visual processing in neural microcircuits in the mammalian retina.

Figure: Reconstructions of a synaptically coupled AII amacrine cell and rod bipolar cell from the mammalian retina. Zandt et al., (2017) Brain Struct Funct 222:151-182

Mikroskopisk bilde av en nervecelle i netthinnen

Extrasynaptic glutamate receptors in the retina

The Retinal Microcircuits Research Group investigates how neurons in the retina communicate to produce vision. In their latest study, they looked outside the conventional neural circuits and found some unexpected receptor molecules in unexpected locations.

Far og sønn Lundervold

Medicine and engineering crossover at this course on artificial intelligence

In the elective subject ELMED219, father and son Lundervold give an introduction to the secret of artificial intelligence and how it can be used in clinical work.