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The neurotargeting research group has a broad range of expertise. Advances in molecular neurobiology now provide possibilities for the development of new therapies designed for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. This type of translational research requires competency in both basic molecular research and experience in practical treatment. 




The group involves three principal investigators. Please visit their lab pages to learn more about their research.

Falch Junior Award

Congrats to Olga Therese

Olga Therese receives the Consul Søren Falch and ophthalmologist Sigurd Falch's junior prize for younger researchers 2022.

PhD defence
Elaheh Mahootchi

New knowledge about important amino acids

Elaheh Mahootchi is defending her dissertation on 31.3.2022 at the University of Bergen with the title "Characterization of the PLP-dependent decarboxylases GADL1 and CSAD".

Fulbright scholar
Lucia Wagner

Studying and working abroad professionally and personally enriching

We’re so happy to have Lucia working with us in the Haavik lab this year. Check out her perspective on being a Fulbright Scholar.

Picture of educational film, a person teaching

Dietary supplements in sports - from lab to arena

Recently, University of Bergen arranged its yearly Teachers Day conference where teachers get updated on recent and relevant research in the community. One of our PhD students, Selina Cannon Homaei presented some general scientific information on usage of creatine, caffeine, and beta-alanine, as...

Pregnant woman drinking soda on a bench

Maternal soft drink consumption linked to ADHD symptoms in children

A Norwegian study shows that maternal daily intake of sweetened carbonated beverages during pregnancy can be associated with offspring ADHD symptoms