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Members of neurotargeting group

The neurotargeting research group has a broad range of expertise. Advances in molecular neurobiology now provide possibilities for the development of new therapies designed for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. This type of translational research requires competency in both basic molecular research and experience in practical treatment. Methods and Instruments.

Master Projects

Students in the group

The group involves three principal investigators. Please visit their labs pages to learn more about their research.

teaching in the pandemic

The medical students' teaching award

Petri Kursula receive the prize for best teacher in preclinical medicine 2020.


Ebselen bonding decreases stability of 14-3-3 proteins

Ebselen, a promising drug candidate against cancer, bipolar disorder and the virus infection Covid-19, covalently bonds to cysteine residues in 14-3-3 adaptor proteins, triggering 14-3-3 destabilization and degradation in cells and intact brain tissue when used in therapeutic concentrations,...

Best paper 2020
Bilde av publikasjonen

The research group for neurotargeting wins prize for Best Paper 2020

Fundamentally new discoveries in biology or medicine are rare. The mentioned article is an example of such a discovery. The findings of this study will probably soon be found in standard textbooks in biochemistry and physiology.

Flexible but not weak
Single periaxin conformation

Myelin protein disorder reviewed

Myelin, the insulative multilamellar sheath that enwraps axons, speeds up our nerve impulses by two orders of magnitude – a prerequisite for an efficient nervous system that we humans and other vertebrates enjoy. Myelin gains its structure and function from a high abundance of lipids and proteins,...