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Students of the neurotargeting group

Marcel Schröder (Sep 2021 – present)
ERASMUS+ student from Germany (University of Lübeck)  ​

He aims to characterize structural proteins of the Schwann cell periaxinosome using biochemical and biophysical techniques. These include circular dichroism spectroscopy, various laser light scattering methods, small-angle X-ray scattering, and protein X-ray crystallography.


Lucia Wagner (Sep 2021 – present​)
Fulbright student from US (St. Olaf College) ​

Investigating the effects of electroconvulsive therapy on the brain's motor coordination and the blood-brain barrier.


Elma Cerimagic (Sep 2021 - present​)
Pharmacy student at UiB   ​

She will be looking at eight different natural compounds to see how they affect cell viability, wound healing and the expression of annexin A2 in PC12 cells.


Inger-Lise Fleisje (Sep 2021 - present)​
Pharmacy student at UiB


Tone Hestad Valland (Sep 2021 - present​)
Pharmacy student at UiB  ​

She tests different unique natural compounds to see if they can be new drug candidates based on the interaction with the protein Annexin A2.


José Miguel Godoy Muñoz (Aug 2021 – Oct 2021)​
ERASMUS+ student from Spain (Universidad de Extremadura)

Planning, execution, and analysis of routine experiments related to the production and characterisation of recombinant myelin proteins (quality assessments, binding assays, structural determinations).