NMR spectroscopy


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is based on a magnetic property of the atomic nucleus called spin. Because of this property electromagnetic radiation in the radio wave area with the right frequency may interact with atomic nuclei. The result is a spectrum that shows the magnetic fingerprint of a molecule, and that can also give information about the physical and chemical environment of the molecule.  

We use NMR spectroscopy to solve problems related to protein structures, petroleum chemistry, natural compounds, biological membranes, MRI contrast agents and various types of porous systems.

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Group members

Willy Nerdal (Professor; Solid-state NMR)

Nils Åge Frøstein (Associate Professor; Liquid-state NMR, small molecules)

John Georg Seland (Associate Professor; Micro-imaging and diffusion)

Jarl Underhaug (Associate Professor; Liquid-state NMR, proteins)

Jose C. R. Guerrero (Senior Engineer)

Emile S. Berg (PhD candidate; supervisor: John Georg Seland)

Nicolai Etwin Alsaker (PhD candidate; supervisor: Willy Nerdal)

Silje Steinsholm (PhD candidate; supervisor: Tone Aspevik (Nofima), co-supervisor: Jarl Underhaug)

NMR group goes off-shore (Jarl is missing)


The NMR group is also social! We enjoyed a fantastic boat trip in Bergen on the 26th of October 2016.

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Wild Salmon of superior quality


Bachelor projects

Bachelor projects

NMR sponsors

We would like to thank Forskningsrådet, Bergens forskningsstiftelse, Sparebankstiftinga Sogn og Fjordane og Helse Bergen for financial support. Their contributions have been vital in upgrading the NMR infrastructure.

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