NMR spectroscopy

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The NMR lab is located the Chemistry Department, partly on the third floor in Realfagbygget and partly at Thormøhlens gate 55A.

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The two 500 MHz spectrometers are located at the third floor of Realfagbygget, Allégaten 41. The wide-bore spectrometer, used for solid-state, imaging, and diffusion NMR is located in room 3C8b, while the routine spectromter is located in room 3F7c

The Norwegian NMR Platform

The Norwegian NMR Platform, which hosts the 600 MHz and 850 MHz spectrometers, is located at Thormøhlens gate 55A. There is a door bell at the main entrance. Contact the staff (Jarl Underhaug or José Guerrero) for an appointment, as there isn't necessarily anybody in the building. Reguar users and permanent staff at The Department of Chemistry can be given access to the building. 

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