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A naval vessel, an mr-machine, industry in Africa and polluted air in Bergen

Occupational medicine studies the relationship between work and health. It considers the causes of disorders, as well as considering possible diagnoses, treatments and preventative measures. The subject area is broad and includes potential health effects from chemical factors, physical factors, such as noise, as well as multifactorial conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders. 

Environmental medicine studies the relationship between environmental factors and health, including the environmental factors one is involuntarily exposed to, such as components in air and water.

The research group Occupational and Environmental Medicine conducts research on a broad range of topics. Its research projects involve cooperation with industry, government organizations, employee and employer organizations and Research Councils. This research aims to ensure healthy environments both within the workplace and beyond, nationally and globally. The group is particularly interested in evaluating current assumptions concerning healthy environments.

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Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease. Two thirds of these deaths happen in developing countries. This can be prevented with knowledge and education.

Øvelse i oljerydding i Nordsjøen. En liten båt, med fire personer, samt utstyr på havet.

Mapping exposure among oil spill response workers

Incidents of oil spills at sea occur from time to time, but so far incidents have mostly comprised of heavier crude or bunker oil.

Naval ships sailing.

The research project "Noise and Health in the Navy"

In the spring of 2012, the project «Noise and Health in the Navy» started. The background for the start of the project is data from a survey in the Navy performed in 2002/2003, where 38 % of the employees said they were exposed to much or very much noise in their job. Because of this, the Navy has...

Respiratory symptoms among Ethiopian flower farm workers

Field work in the flower industry in Ethiopia.

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