Occupational and environmental medicine

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Occupational medicine studies the relationship between work and health. It considers the causes of disorders, as well as considering possible diagnoses, treatments and preventative measures. The subject area is broad and includes potential health effects from chemical factors, physical factors, such as noise, as well as multifactorial conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders. Environmental medicine studies the relationship between environmental factors and health, including the environmental factors one is involuntarily exposed to, such as components in air and water.


The research group Occupational and Environmental Medicine conducts research on a broad range of topics. Its research projects involve cooperation with industry, government organizations, employee and employer organizations and Research Councils. This research aims to ensure healthy environments both within the workplace and beyond, nationally and globally. The group is particularly interested in evaluating current assumptions concerning healthy environments.


Research priorities
While many aspects of working life pose important and interesting questions, the group will focus on the following areas:


1. Air pollution

What are the long-term effects of air pollution (dust, particles, aerosols etc.) in both the workplace and in the external environment on the breathing airways on workers, their children and grandchildren? Air pollution is a global issue and more understanding of the issues involved is necessary to address potential solutions.


2. Noise pollution

To what extent and how does noise pollution affect health, both in terms of hearing and upon the nervous system? This work will address a knowledge gap in this area.


3. Combined effects of noise and air pollution

How does the combination of noise and air pollution affect health, particularly with respect to exposure to nanoparticles? While noise and air pollution often occur together, there are few studies relating to this combination and how it impacts health.


4. Shift and night work

How does shift / night work effect health, and reproductive health in particular?