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Orofacial pain

The Orofacial Pain research group

Professor Annika Rosèn, Professor emeritus Trond Berge, Professor Anders Johansson, PhD: Kordian Staniszewski, Ulrik Opsahl

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The Orofacial Pain research group was established in 2013 in connection with an assignment from the Norwegian Directorate of Health to build up an interdisciplinary assessment team for patients with severe temporomandibular dysfunction at Haukeland University Hospital. The purpose of the assignment was to characterize the patient group. The National Unit for Orofacial Pain (Behandlingstjeneste for uavklarte smerter I ansikt og kjeve) was established in 2017 at Haukeland University Hospital. Nasjonal behandlingsteneste for uavklarte smerter i ansikt og kjever - Helse Bergen (helse-bergen.no)

The research team's main goal is to contribute to increased knowledge about the various pain conditions in the face and jaw for which patients are referred. This can contribute to a faster diagnosis and further lead to faster and more correct treatment. The research includes both clinical and basic research.

The group has a large network and works closely with both national and international research groups. In Bergen, the research takes place interdisciplinary with several departments under the Center of TOR, Clinical Dental Research group at the Department of Clinical Dentistry and at Haukeland University Hospital; Department of Pathology, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Section for Pain Management and Palliation and the National Unit for Orofacial Pain (Behandlingstjeneste for uavklarte smerter i ansikt og kjeve). More details please visit the website of smert-i-ansikt og kjeve.