Research Group for Paediatric follow-up studies

Prognosis of Extremely Preterm Birth (BabyPEP)

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Detailed data on pregnancy, delivery and neonatal period are prospectively collected on all infants born before 28 weeks’ gestational age at The Western Norway Regional Health Authority which serves a population of 1 million. The main objectives are to identify predictive factors for later growth, development and health. Data include prenatal studies of fetal circulation, biobank samples from maternal blood, amniotic fluid, placenta and infant blood, urine and tracheal fluid, cerebral imaging, and lung and cardiac functions. The children are followed at least until 5-6 years of age.



Principal investigators paediatrics: Professor Thomas Halvorsen, professor Trond Markestad, professor Knut Øymar

Principal investigators obstetrics:  Postdoctor Cathrine Ebbing MD PhD, Ragnar Sande MD PhD, Professor Torvid Kiserud, 

Senior researchers: Associate professor Stein Magnus Aukland, professor Ansgar Berg, Anne Lise Bjørke-Monsen MD Dr Med, Karen Collett MD PhD, Professor Irene Elgen, Professor Nils-Halvdan Morken, Hallvard Reigstad MD

Other patricipants: Jan Magnus Aase MD, Gry Behzadi MD, Hege Ulland Dirdal MD, Inge Jøran Hagen MD,

PhD student: Mariann Bentsen MD