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New publication: The Effect of Psychomotor Physical Therapy on Subjective Health Complaints and Psychological Symptoms

Monica H. Breitve, Minna J. Hynninen, Alice Kvåle. Although psychomotor physiotherapy (PMPT) has been a treatment tradition in Norway for >50 years, there are few effect studies. This study was recently published in Physiotherapy Research International (Dec 2010).

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The effect of PMPT on subjective health complaints and psychological symptoms was examined in 44 patients who entered PMPT and compared to 22 patients from the waiting list. Registration in symptoms was done initially and at 6 months for both groups. The treatment group was also controlled after 12 months. The patients had extensive and severe long-lasting symptoms when they were recruited to the study. After 6 months with PMPT the symptoms were markedly reduced, although only quality of life was significantly better when compared to the control group. At 12 months the patients in the treatment group had improved on all outcome measures and symptoms in anxiety, depression and quality of life had improved from a clinical to a non-clinical level.

The conclusion is that Norwegian psychomotor physiotherapy has the potential to improve health complaints, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and quality of life, although the process takes time.

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