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Gradient flow modelling of multi-phase flow in deformable porous media (GradFlowPoro)

The goal of the project is the study of a thermodynamically consistent mathematical model for multi-phase poromechanics.

mutiphase poromechanic
Porescale visualization of difference internal stresses and the pore pressure for a multi-phasic porous system.
Jakub W. Both

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Funding:NFR / Campus France

The GradFlowPoro project is a NFR-Aurora collaborative project between the University of Bergen and Inria Lille/University of Nice. The project involves the exchange of both young and senior researchers from France and Norway. 

The goals of the project are the development of a thermodynamically consistent mathematical model with a gradient flow structure for multi-phase poromechanics. Furthermore, based on this formulation and associated physical key properties, structure-preserving numerical discretization and the robust block-partitioned numerical solution will be studied.

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