Porous Media Group
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Multiscale simulation of flow and heat transport in fractured geothermal reservoirs, 2013

Tor Harald Sandve

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Advisors: Inga Berre

Short description of project:

The main contributions of this thesis are:
1. A consistent and robust discretization of flow in fractured reservoirs. More precisely; an existing numerical method for flow in fractured reservoirs is extended to tackle anisotropic permeability on unstructured grids.
2. An efficient linear solver to tackle the high-resolution models stemming from representing individual fractures explicitly.
3. A flexible upscaling approach for the heat transport equation, where the fine scale description is utilized to obtain models tailored for fractured reservoirs. The flexibility of the upscaling approach allows for the construction of models where the small-scale fractures and the porous media is represented in dual-continuum or multiple interacting continuum (MINC) type models and the large-scale fractures are represented explicitly.

Link to thesis at BORA-UiB: Link