Political Organization and Multi Level Governance

Public administration policy, administrative reforms and institutional change

This research group analyses the political administrative system and processes in the intersection of political and organizational theories. One of the aims of this research group is to study administrative policies, administrative reforms and institutional change in a multi-level governance perspective. Many of the major challenges - both theoretically and in practice - when it comes to the formation and manner of operation of the political-administrative system now lies in the interface between different administrational levels, ministerial areas, sectors and between elected and administrative bodies.

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Programme Research Seminar Spring 2020

Last Friday every month 14:15 – 16:00h, in Seminar Room 17.112


Friday 31 January 

Jacob Aars (UiB/ADMORG)

Arnesen, S., A. L. Fimreite & J. Aars. «Å lytte til folket – erfaringer fra et borgerpanel i Bergen våren 2018.»


Friday 28 February 

Sofia Jonsson (UiB/ADMORG)

Jonsson, S.: «Why police officers manage to collaborate across borders to counteract transnational sex trafficking. The role of trust for information exchange.»


Friday 27 March - CANCELLED

Thomas Schillemans (Uni Utrecht, NL)

Schillemans, T. «A behavioral perspective on public sector accountability.»


Friday 24 April 

Johannes Førde (UiB/ADMORG)

Førde, J. «Lead agencies in the policy field of societal security and crisis Management. »


Friday 29 May 

Claudio Radaelli (UCL, London, UK)

Radaelli, Dunlop, Kamkai, Tiffoni & Wagemann. «The design of consultation in EU-28 and its effects on corruption.» (based on Claudio’s ERC project PROTEGO: Procedural Tools for Effective Governance.)

New publication
Illustrasjon ordsky Covid-19

Successful handling of Covid-19 in Norway?

Balancing governance capacity and legitimacy a key component in new article by Christensen and Lægreid.

illustration photo

Is COVID-19 a Driver for Digital Change?

New blog post from the TROPICO project written by Line Marie Sørsdal and Karolina Półtorak.

New book
Book cover

A classic in a new edition

“Organization Theory and the Public Sector Instrument, Culture and Myth” out in new and updated version.