Political Organization and Multi Level Governance

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Public administration policy, administrative reforms and institutional change

This research group analyses the political administrative system and processes in the intersection of political and organizational theories. One of the aims of this research group is to study administrative policies, administrative reforms and institutional change in a multi-level governance perspective. Many of the major challenges - both theoretically and in practice - when it comes to the formation and manner of operation of the political-administrative system now lies in the interface between different administrational levels, ministerial areas, sectors and between elected and administrative bodies.

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Research Group ‘Political Organization and Multi Level Governance’ Programme Research Seminar Autumn 2021

Friday 27th August: Regine Paul: “To automate or not to automate: conceptualizing the variable regulation of automated decision-making in public administrations”.

Friday 24th September: Jacob Aars: "The Norwegian Panel of Administrative Officials - Current Status and Future Plans".

Friday 19th November: Kiran Auerbach, Marta Eidheim, Anne Lise Fimreite: "Geographic Identities in the 21st Century".

New publication

Shame, Art and Hells Angels

Zuzana Murdoch studies the implications of engaging with a Stigmatized Organization in new publication.

New publication

Political (Over)Representation and the Double-Motive Hypothesis

Zuzana Murdoch uses evidence from Norwegian Register Data in new publication on Public Sector Employees in JPART.

New handbook:

Handbook on the Governance and Politics of Migration

Associate Professor Regine Paul at the department has just published the Edward Elgar Handbook on "the Governance and Politics of Migration"

Book cover

Experiences and challenges of performance management

Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen with new chapter in Handbook of Public Administration

New publication
Word cloud, Accountability

Conflictual Accountability

Lise H. Rykkja, Kristin Rubecksen and Per Lægreid are co-authors on new article in Administration & Society.