Political Organization and Multi Level Governance

Public administration policy, administrative reforms and institutional change

This research group analyses the political administrative system and processes in the intersection of political and organizational theories. One of the aims of this research group is to study administrative policies, administrative reforms and institutional change in a multi-level governance perspective. Many of the major challenges - both theoretically and in practice - when it comes to the formation and manner of operation of the political-administrative system now lies in the interface between different administrational levels, ministerial areas, sectors and between elected and administrative bodies.

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Lars Chr Blichner

Politisk teori, Endringsprosesser, EU, Den europeiske union, InternasjonaliseringPolitisk teori, Endringsprosesser, EU, Den europeiske union, Internasjonalisering

Johannes Sandvik Førde

E-forvaltning, Offentlig forvaltning, Organisasjonsteori, Samfunnssikkerhet, Institusjonell teori

Dag Runar Jacobsen 

Etter- og videreutdanning

Sofia Jonsson

Collaborative Governance, Corruption, Democracy and Democratization, Digital government, Gender, Human trafficking, Prostitution law, Survey Methodology

Per Lægreid

Offentlig forvaltning og politikk, Organisasjonsteori, Reformer i offentlig sektor, Samfunnssikkerhet, Krisehåndtering, Institusjoner, Forvaltningspolitikk, NAV, Komparativ forvaltning, Sentraladministrasjonen

Zuzana Murdoch

Bureaucratic Elites, European Commission, Governance, Lobbying, Organization theory, Political socialization, Public administration, Representative Bureaucracy, Social capital, The European Union

Karolina Poltorak

Kristin Rubecksen

Eva Dorothea Ruffing

Public administration, Stakeholder consultations

Lise H. Rykkja

Collaborative Governance, Coordination, Crisis management, Digital government, Organization theory, Political science, Public administration, Public policy, Public sector reform, Societal security

Harald Sætren

Organisasjonsteori, Institusjoner, Komparativ metode, Komparativ politikk, Public policy

Jacob Aars

Bypolitikk, Demokrati, Frivillig sektor, Governance, Kommunalpolitikk, Lokalpolitikk, Offentlig forvaltning, Politisk deltakelse, Reformer i offentlig sektor, Sivilsamfunn, Valgforskning




New book
Book cover, Smart Hybridity

Smart hybridity

Per Lægreid with book chapter in new book about smart hybrid arrangements.

Special issue
Rykkja og Lægreid

Rykkja and Lægreid guest editors for special issue of IPMR

International Public Management Review are out with a special issue spesialutgåve on Governing and Organizing for Crisis Management and Civil Protection with two guest editors from the Department of Administration and Organization Theory.

 A woman standing in line of mannequins with taped mouth, stock photo

Just keep silent…

Lægreid, Wynen, Kleizen, Verhoeat and Rollande connects data from the Norwegian Staff Surveys and of a structural reform database in a new article in Public Management Review.

Helge Renå

Renå with chapter in book on the blind spots of public bureaucracy

Helge Renå have contributed to the book "The Blind Spots of Public Bureaucracy and the Politics of Non-Coordination (Palgrave Macmillan) edited by Tobias Bach and Kai Wegrich.

Policy and Society cover

Does the wickedness of policy areas matter?

Tom Christensen, Ole Martin Lægreid & Per Lægreid examines administrative coordination capacity in new article published in “Policy and Society”.

Guidance seminars:

Wednesdays 14.15-16.00 at the seminar room, 3. floor at the Department in Christiesgate 17.

This is a research seminar for the research group Political Organization and Multi Level Governance at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory. A central theme in our group is "conditions for an active management policy with emphasis on the interaction between governance and adaption to international doctrines and established administrative cultures and tradition".


Political Organization and Multi Level Governance