Political Organization and Multi Level Governance

Working Paper from Eirik Dalheim

The working paper, “Giardiasaken i Bergen - Krisehåndtering, samordning og flernivåstyring”, is part of the project "Flernivåstyring i spenningsfeltet mellom funksjonell og territoriell spesialisering " by Rokkansenteret. It is based on Eirik Dalheims’ thesis "Kommunal krise, nasjonal vekker – en studie av Bergen kommunes håndtering av giardiautbruddet høsten 2004" at the Department of Administration and Organization Science, spring 2009.

Main content

The central theme of the study has been crisis management, civil protection, multi-level governance and coordination between units, both vertically and horizontally. A central assumption of crisis management in the public sector is that these events takes place in an extraordinary context, in which many different actors have to work together to resolve the crisis. With the giardia case a series of municipal agencies were involved in the work, in addition to governmental bodies like Mattilsynet and the National Institute of Public Health that played central roles, hence the multi-level governance dimension. The theoretical framework can thus be called crisis management within a multi-level governance context. A key question then becomes how the coordination mechanisms, or lack of such an effect on organizations' ability to handle crises. Central explanatory theory in the study was a instrumental-structural perspective and an institutional perspective.

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