Political Organization and Multi Level Governance

Book Review of "Change and Continuity in Public Sector Organizations"

In the October 2010-issue of the Governance journal, Martin Painter with the City University of Hong Kong has written a review of the book "Change and Continuity in Public Sector Organizations: Essays in Honour of Per Lægreid". The book is edited by Paul G. Roness and Harald Sætren.

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Reviewing a Festschrift—in this case a celebration of the 60th birthday of Per Lægreid—is a tough assignment. A review is expected to give a thorough account of the contents, but if it only did this, it would miss the point—that they were written as a celebration of the work and career of an individual who (understandably) is not among the authors. Fortunately, in this case it is possible simultaneously to comment on the contents and to focus on the main point, because Per Lægreid’s work is never far from view in the themes and subjects of the different chapters. In an important sense, the book is a showcase of the kind of public administration scholarship that Per Lægreid, through his own work, has exemplified.

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