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Preterm birth prevention and adverse maternal, neonatal and post-neonatal effects of pharmaceutical therapy in pregnancy

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Preterm birth is considered a leading indicator of health in a global context, and is the most frequent cause of neonatal death and the second most frequent cause of child mortality before the age of five. It is complex and poorly mapped, and effective and safe preventive treatment is not available. As frokm 2014 treatment with vaginal progesterone tablets is recommended according to Norwegian guidelines for increased risk of spontaneous preterm birth, but evidence for effect on subgroups is sparse and long-term follow-up of both the mother and child is lacking. By combining data from several Norwegian quality registers (Medical Birth Register, Legemiddelregisteret, Norwegian Patient Register), the project will evaluate the effect the treatment has had on the various groups at risk of preterm birth. Furthermore, through sibling files and follow-up of the children, the risk of increased morbidity and mortality in mother and child in both the short and long term as a result of exposure to progesterone during pregnancy will be mapped.