Online work order submission

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Users of the PROBE facility have to register in our booking system before sending samples to our laboratory. In June 2015 PROBE launched a new booking system together with MIC.

Click here to access the booking system


Important: please read carefully

To avoid unnecessary delay during user registration, please check with your PI that his/her lab has been registered in the booking system. If not, the PI should register the lab before the user proceeds with the registration.

PIs: Please read the information about PI Registration (Lab/Group manager) in our booking system before starting the registration process.

Users: Please read the information about User Registration and Sample Submission before proceeding to user registration and booking. When we have activated your account, you may proceed with sample submission.


Additional info: We operate with two price categories; internal and external users.

Internal users have their accounts at the University of Bergen or UniResearch, and there will be no added tax on the pricing for these customers.

External users are all other users with accounts outside the University of Bergen and UniResearch (e.g. NIFES, other Universities, Commersial companies, etc.)