Translational Protein Research

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The focus of our group is centered around protein N-terminal acetylation, both revealing the molecular and biological concepts of this protein modification as well as studying it in a human disease-perspective:
-    The molecular mechanisms of N-terminal acetylation
-    The functional role of N-terminal acetylation at the single protein level
-    Characterization of all human NATs (subunit composition, substrate specificity etc.)
-    The cellular impact of the human NATs (KD/KO phenotypes)
-    The role of NATs in cancer and other diseases 
-    Development and use of NAT-specific inhibitors

A second project is centered around the molecular biology and clinical aspects of different endocrine tumours, in particular adrenal and thyroid tumours. This project is based on a patient biobank at the Department of Surgery, Haukeland University Hospital, and is a collaboration between HUS, MED (Biomed/K2) and MatNat (Bio).

We acknowledge research support from the European Research Council (ERC Consolidator Grant), the Research Council of Norway (Toppforsk), the Norwegian Cancer Society, Novo Nordisk Foundation and Helse Vest.