Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolution

The systematics of Sorbus trees

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The genus Sorbus is a taxonomically complex group of trees due polyploidy and frequent hybridization between species. Many of the species are apomictic (producing seeds without fertilization) and therefore can be numerous.

The systematics of this group is a special challenge due to the low level of molecular variation compared with the morphological variation. We approach these problems by applying methologies specifically designed for these types of challenges, such as ISSR, AFLP and DNA sequencing "barcoding" genes.

At the Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Milde has a large collection of Sorbus species from different parts of the world. It is mainly these collections that are used for this research.

Principal investigators in the Sorbus project are Heidi Lie andersen and David Rees. A position as ph.d. reseach fellow is about to be filled.