Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolution

IVth International Workshop on Opisthobranchs

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Between the 24–27 of June took place at the University of California–Santa Cruz, United States, a joint conference that brought together the Annual Meeting of the American Western Society of Malacologists and the International Workshop on Opisthobranchs. The meeting was held among the redwoods and banana slugs on the beautiful main campus of the University of California–Santa Cruz.

The University Museum was represented by Associate Professor Manuel Malaquias and three of its students, namely Andrea Zamora, Lena Ohnheiser, and Mari Eilertsen. Mari gave a talk on the subject of her master thesis, which she successfully finished on the past 15th June – the systematics, biogeography, and speciation of the deep-sea gastropod genus Scaphander in the Atlantic Ocean; Lena spoke about the diversity of the gastropod family Philinidae in Scandinavia. This was the cumulative result of her master thesis and 18 months of research funded by Artsdatabanken; and Andrea gave a talk about her PhD work on the systematics of the worldwide gastropod genus Chelidonura. Manuel Malaquias presented a talk on the complex marine biogeography of the tropical western Atlantic Ocean, a work co-authored by Endre Willassen and Jørgen Aarø.