Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolution

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22. October: Jostein Gohli, Natural History Collections, UiB

Spatial Phylogenetic Reconstruction of Evolutionary Dynamics

Jostein will present experience particularly with the software SPREAD. 

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Previous talks


8. October: Kenneth Meland, BIO, UiB

What's up with our IonTorrent


16. May: Richard Mally, Ph.D. student, University Museum of Bergen.

Testing the monophyly of megadiverse Spilomelinae moths (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea).


22. November: Roland R. Melzer. Prof. Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Department Biology II, LMU Munich, Germany

Arthropod eyes: morphology, development, evolutionary scenarios

31. October: Jenny Smedmark, Associate Professor, The Natural History Collections, University Museum of Bergen

Including  the uncertainty in topology and divergence times in historical   biogeography reconstruction; two examples from the Coffee family

24. September: Valentyna Inshyna, I.I. Shmalhausen Institute of Zoology, Kiev, Ukraine

Tardigrada: biology, systematics and their association with mosses and lichens.

10.June: Louis Boumans, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

Intersexual communication as a barrier to gene flow in stoneflies

30. May: Nataliya Budaeva; Guest researcher, University Museum of Bergen and P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Phylogeny and systematics of onuphid bristle worms (Annelida)

17. April: Frank Nielsen, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Bergen.

The salmon louse genome - a resource for research in basic and applied biology.

14. February: Gunnar Kvifte, The Natural History Collections, University Museum of Bergen

Male genital homologies of the Psychodini and their phylogenetic significance (Insecta Diptera: Psychodidae, Psychodinae)

30. January: Bjørn A. Hatteland, Department of Biology, University of Bergen.

Invasive species as part of species complexes: the case of the large Arion slugs



11. December: Tim Wollesen, Dept. of Integrative Zoology, University of Vienna, Austria.

On pygmy squids, giant brains, and molluscan heads.

14. November: Viktor Baranov, Kharkiv National University, Biological Faculty, Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology, Ukraine.

Significance of amber fossils in phylogenetics and paleontological studies: brief synopsis.

26. October: Jan Yde Poulsen, University Museum of Bergen.

Phylogeny of lanternfishes based on mitochondrial gene order

27. September: Kevin  Kocot, Auburn University, AL, USA

New insights into molluscan evolution through phylogenomics



23. June: David Reid - Natural  History Museum, London

Biogeography and Evolution of Mangrove-Associated Molluscs



28. May: Jan Yde Poulsen

Scopelomorph phylogeny from mt nucleotides and gene order.

30. April: Alexander Plotkin

"Sponge   family Polymastiidae: morphology and phylogenetic hypotheses."

16. April: Gunnar Kvifte

 "The  origin of insects."

29. January: Heidi Solstad (UiO)

"Towards an understanding of arctic and alpine poppies - Papaver sect. Meconella."



30. November: Humberto Fonseca Mendes

 "Biogeography  of  Brazilian chironomids."

28. September: Bjarte Jordal  

"Cybertaxonomy. Present  possibilities and future perspectives."

14. September: Paco Cardenas

"Report from the MBL workshop  on Molecular Evolution, August 2009."

8. June: Steffen Roth

"Neuropeptides as a new character set to study insect phylogeny"

18. May: Jan Yde Poulsen

"Higher and lower mitogenomic  relationships of deep-sea Alepocephaliformes (Pisces: Otocephala) and  problems in the use of amino acid data as compared to nucleotides"

11. May:  Paco Cardenas

"Porifera Phylogeny, focusing on the   Astrophorida order (Demospongiae)"

4. May:  Ingvar Byrkjedal

 "New developments in bird  phylogenetics"

23. March: Endre Willassen

"Species tree from gene trees  using BEST"

9. March: Louise Lindblom

One bipolar taxon or two distinct  taxa? - A systematic investigation  using haplotype networks"