Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolution

Biogeography work-shop

A museum work-shop in phylogenetic biogeography was a great inspiration for researchers and Ph.D. students.

Deltakere i kurs i fylogenetisk biogeografi ved Universitetsmuseet 27.-29. april 2014. Participants in the phylogenetic biogeography course.
K. Loe Hjelle

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On the initiative of the FSE reseach group, researchers and Ph.D. students in the museum and  Department of Biology allocated three full days for methodological studies of phylogenetic biogeography instructed by Dr. Isabel Sanmartín from Real Jardin Botánico-CSIC in Madrid. In her introductory lectures, Dr. Sanmartín covered central concepts in the development of phylogenetic biogeography from pattern- event-based cladistic approaches with organisms and area cladograms, via dispersal-vicariance analysis, to parametric approaches including "dispersal-extinction-cladogenesis" (DEC), stepping-stone, directional dispersal models and time stratified models.

The software packages TreeFitter, DIVA, Lagrange, MrBayes4, RevBayes, Beast, were applied in computer excersises and demonstrations.