Reservoir Physics – Energy Technology and CO2 Storage (CCUS)

International academic collaboration

We collaborate with academic institutions in Norway, France, UK, USA and Canada. Short term exchange program (STEP) is avaiable for our master and PhD students.

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Rice University

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Prof. George Hirasaki, Assoc. Prof. Sibani Lisa Biswal

  • Experimental Study of Foam Generation, Sweep Efficiency and Flow in a Fracture Network
  • Foam injection
  • Surfactants and chemical injection
  • Screening surfactants for CO2 field pilot test


Texas A&M University

Petroleum Engineering

Assoc. Prof. David Schechter


Stanford University

Department of Energy Resources Engineering

Prof. Anthony Kovscek


Pennsylvania State University

Energy and Mineral Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Zuleima T. Karpyn, Assoc. Prof. Phillip M. Halleck


Imperial College London

Department of Earth Science & Engineering 

Prof. Martin Blunt 


Kansas University

Tertiary Oil Recovery Project (TORP)

Prof. Jenn-Tai Liang and Reza Barati

  • The Effect of Cr(III) Acetate-HPAM Gel Maturity on Washout from Open Fractures


New Mexico Tech

Petroleum Recovery Research Center

Randall S. Seright, Jill Buckely


University of New Brunswick

MRI Research Centre

Prof. Bruce J. Balcom


University of Wyoming

Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute

Prof. Norman R. Morrow, Prof. Geoffrey Mason


University of Bordeaux


Prof. Henri Bertin