Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate

Climate and glaciation history inferred from lake records and glacial geology in Arctic Russia and western Norway

PhD candidate: Carl Regnéll

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Supervisors: Prof. John Inge Svendsen (UIB) and Prof. Haflidi Haflidason

Project period: January 2017 - January 2020

This PhD project is part of the CHASE project, which is funded by theResearch Council of Norway.Decription:Within the CHASE (Climate History along the Arctic Seaboard of Eurasia)project my research is focused on investigating unprecedentedhigh-resolution lake records from the Polar Ural Mountains of ArcticRussia and also bog- and lake records in western Norway. These sedimentarchives offers the opportunity to reconstruct in detail past climaticshifts and environmental responses covering tens of thousands years backinto the Weichselian Ice Age.To decipher the climatic signals recorded within the sediments we use arange of methods for sediment core analysis at the Earth SurfaceSediment Laboratory (EARTHLAB) in Bergen and constrain their age by14C-dating, counting of annual layers (varves) and volcanic tephralayers.The aim of this project is to contribute to build up knowledge about thedrivers of past climate variability along the Arctic seaboard which willimprove our understanding of the role of the Arctic in the globalclimate system.