Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate

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MAIN OBJECTIVES: Show caves are unique natural attractions and inadequate touristic traffic can trigger their degradation. Romania hosts spectacular caves holding the potential to become touristic attractions. However, there are no management protocols enforced to monitoring changes in show caves and none of them have such monitoring. This project aims at establishing a robust protocol of monitoring the impact of tourist traffic upon the living and non-living objects in show caves. The protocol includes monitoring of physical and chemical parameters of the caves as well as the biological ones in relation to the touristic traffic. The project will include 5 show caves from the Carpathians and and one laboratory-cave used as a reference site. Norwegian experience in monitoring and data from two caves in Norway will also be used in a comparative study. A set of basic principles to be enforced by the management plans of show caves and a set of preventive measures and instructions to be followed by the personnel and stakeholders of the show caves will be established. The results of the project will enhance the long-term use of show caves for the benefit of Romanian and foreign tourists.


PEOPLE INVOLVED AT UIB:  Stein-Erik Lauritzen