Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate

Bachelor program

Information about the BSc program at the Department of Earth Science can be found here


We are teaching:



GEOV101 - Jostein Bakke and Berit Oline Hjelstuen

GEOV102 - Jostein Bakke and Berit Oline Hjelstuen

GEOV110 - Haflidi Haflidason and several others



GEOV217 - Jostein Bakke and Atle Nesje

GEOV221 - Stein-Erik Lauritzen

GEOV222 - Ulysses Ninnemann

GEOV223 - John Inge Svendsen

GEOV225 - Atle Nesje

GEOV226 - Jostein Bakke

GEOV228 - Henriette Linge, Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Atle Nesje, Haflidi Haflidason

GEOV229 - Henriette Linge, Stein-Erik Lauritzen

GEOV231 - Haflidi Haflidason

GEOV272 - Berit Oline Hjelstuen



GEOV300 - Nele Meckler

GEOV322 - Jostein Bakke and several others


GEOV326 - John Inge Svendsen og Hans Petter Sejrup

GEOV324 - Jostein Bakke

GEOV331 - Ulysses Ninnemann

GEOV342 - Ulysses Ninnemann