Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate


Eurasian Ice Sheet Climate Interactions: Reconstructing and modelling the climate and ice sheet evolution of the last glacial cycle

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Main objectives: The core aim of the EISCLIM Project is to determine the glacial and climatic dynamics that drove the build up and decay of the Eurasian Ice Sheet complex over the last glacial cycle (115,000 - 10,000 years ago). New empirical reconstructions of this vast former ice sheet will be generated based on existing geological and chronological evidence complemented with new observations from key areas. Glaciological and climate models will be used to investigate causal connections for the recorded changes. We will examine east-west contrasts in ice sheet build up and retreat timing, and provide essential new datasets to generate robust reconstructions of the geometry and thickness of the ice sheet.


Project Period: 2013-2017

Project Coordinator: John Inge Svendsen, GEO

Web page: http://eisclim.b.uib.no/

Project Partners: UiB, Stockholm University (SE), NGU, University of Buffalo (US), Tulane University (US), Memorial University (CA)

People involved at UiB: Jostein Bakke, Anna Hughes, Jan Mangerud, Kerim Nisancioglu, Aage Paus (BIO), John Inge Svendsen, Kristian Vasskog, Henning Åkesson