Research Group for Radical Philosophy and Literature

About the research group

The research group for Radical Philosophy and Literature is a venue for scholars and graduate students with an interest in the critical potential of literature and philosophy.

Main content

The group has no political platform, but is committed to exploring the possibilities for effecting change in political and economic structures. What role do philosophy and literature play in such events? How can literature add to the experience of what can be changed? Can philosophy conceive of the political?

French philosophy, psychoanalysis, Marxism and literary theory of last half of the past century comprise key components of the group's frame of reference. But the actual work may just as well concern philosophical texts from other epochs, such as Greek antiquity, the baroque, German idealism, but also the reworking of this theoretical heritage in new contexts and on new continents. The literary material is limited merely to the fantasy and language proficiency of the members of the group.

Radical Philosophy and Literature holds monthly meetings where the members present their current research to one another. Other scholars are also invited on a regular basis to give talks on subjects that are topical for the group. Moreover, the research group is open for PhD candidates and other graduate students with projects that have some bearing on the activities of the group.

The research group also organizes larger seminars, workshops and conferences on more specific themes.