Research group: Ancient, medieval, and early modern studies (RAMES)

City, Hinterland, and Environment. Urban Resilience in the Late Roman and Early Islamic Period

Serjillah, Syria
Jørgen Christian Meyer

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City, Hinterland, and Environment Urban Resilience in the Late Roman and Early Islamic Period 

Seminar room 1, Department of archaeology, history, cultural studies and religion, Øysteinsgate 3. 


MONDAY September 23 

12:00-12:45  Arrival, registration, light lunch 

12:45-13:00  Welcome: Simon Malmberg/Eivind Seland/Raimo Hakola 

13:00-13:40  Greg Woolf Locating Resilience in Ancient Urban Networks 

13:40-14:20  Jørgen Christian Meyer The Desert and the Sown. Long-term Trends in the Exploitation of the Syrian DrySteppe from the Roman to the Ottoman Period 

14:20-15:00  John Bintliff Changes in Town and Country in Late Antiquity and into the Early Medieval Period in Greece and the Aegean Islands 

15:00-15:20  Coffee break 

15:20-16:00  Jørgen Bakke Resilience and Christianity in Early Byzantine Urban Culture 

16:00-16:40  Alexandros Tsakos City, Hinterland, and Environment: Urban Resilience in the Late Roman and Early Islamic Period. The Case Study of Nubia 

16:40-17:20  General discussion 


TUESDAY September 24 

09:00-09:40  Johannes Preiser-Kapeller A Tale of Three Cities: Urban Metabolisms of Early Medieval Imperial Mega-Cities in Comparison (Constantinople – Baghdad – Cairo) 

09:40-10:20  Simon Malmberg Rome as the City-in-Between: Movement as a Way to Understand Urban Change 

10:20-10:50  Coffee break

10:50-11:30  Håkon Teigen: Oasites on the Nile: the trade network of fourth-century Kellis 

11:30-12:10  Christina Videbech When the Cat’s Away: Fora as Sites of Collective Memory and Resilience in Gothic and Post-Gothic Rome 

12:15-13:55  Lunch (Dragefjellet)

14:00-14:40  Eivind Heldaas Seland Water, Settlement and Communication in the Syrian Desert 

14:40-15:20  Bethany Walker Spolia, Reuse, and Repurposing at Tall Hisban: How the Early Islamic Town Created a Resilient Urban Fabric 

15:20-15:40  Coffee break 

15:40-16:20  Øystein La Bianca Centrifugal Forces Impacting Urbanization in the Eastern Mediterranean during Roman and Early Islamic Times 



WEDNESDAY September 25 

09:00-09:40  Christopher Dickenson Public Space and the Cultural Resilience of Roman Urbanism in the Near East 

09:40-10:20  Anna Danilova Gated Communities of Ostia 

10:20-10:50  Coffee break 

10:50-12:00  Raimo Hakola (chair) Final discussion 


Funded by the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Helsinki, Aarhus University, University of Bergen.