Economic Geography, Regional Development and Planning

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Our research focus and field of competence includes several topics within economic geography, regional development and restructuring, environmental issues, planning and regulations, place development and place identity. 

Studies and publications include theoretical and empirical studies of firms and industries, population, localities, political, social, cultural and economic structures and regulations.



PhD Project
Stipendiat Randi Taxt.

Knowledge transfer in Regional Innovation Systems

PhD Candidate Randi Elisabeth Taxt presents her PhD Project.

New PostDoc
Siddharth Sareen

New PostDoc at SpaceLab

Siddharth Sareen started his position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow this week. He will work on energy sector governance, with a focus on solar energy transitions in Southern Europe.

new book

Services and the Green Economy

The Green Economy Network with the editors Andrew Jones, Patrik Ström, Brita Hermelin and Grete Rusten launches an international book about role of services in the Greening of the Economy.

The main topics are:

  • Entrepreneurship, innovations and the formation of new industries
  • Industrial- and regional development, technology-society interaction
  • Green economies, entrepreneurship, innovations and firm strategies
  • International trade and restructuring of the markets for seafood
  • Governance of natural resources and energy, political management and restructuring
  • Foreign Direct Investments: global processes and local response
  • Tourism, culture, and recreation industries: local food, outdoor tourism, film and design
  • Service economy and geography, firm structures, management strategies and regional effects
  • Place, culture and identity: constructions, experiences and practice
  • Planning: environmental concerns, mobility, urban-, settlement- and industrial- development