Research Group: Religions of Late Antiquity

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Madonna and child, Euphrasian Basilica, Poreč, Croatia

Mosaic of Mary and the Child, Euphrasian Basilica, Poreč, Croatia, 6th century (Photo: Sissel Undheim)


The Religions of Late Antiquity research group consists of scholars at UiB and affiliates who work with late antique religions and religiosity. One main perspective is to study late antiquity as a transitional period, during which traditional and local religions were replaced by monotheistic and universal religions. The research group receives funding from the Norwegian Research Council.


Examples of topics studied

religious (in/)tolerance

orthodoxy and heresy

scriptural religion

dogmas and rituals

religious institutions

religion and body


Functions of the Religions of Late Antiquity Research Group

We organize international workshops, often at the Norwegian Institute in Athens.

An important objective is to cultivate international contacts, partnerships, projects and activities.

Internasjonal workshop
Bilde av forskergruppen

Workshop 2022

In April, the Religions in Late Antiquity research group from the University of Bergen arranged an international workshop in cooperation with the Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris.

International Workshop
A photo of the workshop partiticants

Snapshots of an engaging and intriguing academic workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to meet, as well as to share our research interests and results with one another.

Santa Maria Antiqua Sarcophagus

Publications from the members of the group

Overview of some of the publications from the members of the group from the last couple of years.

Members of the Research Group

Einar Thomassen (UiB)

Ingvild S. Gilhus (UiB)

Sissel Undheim (UiB)

Alexandros Tsakos (UiB)

Christian H. Bull (UiB)

Moa Airijoki (UiB)

Photo of Alexandros Tsakos tracing graffiti on Sai Island (Nubia)

Alexandros Tsakos traces graffiti on Sai Island, Nubia (Photo: Alexandros Tsakos)


Research Group leader: prof. Einar Thomassen

Administrative coordinator: PhD candidate Moa Airijoki

For further information or questions concerning the research group, please contact Moa Airijoki (moa.airijoki@uib.no)