Research Group: Religions of Late Antiquity
International Workshop

Snapshots of an engaging and intriguing academic workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to meet, as well as to share our research interests and results with one another.

A photo of the workshop partiticants
Standing, from left to right: Einar Thomassen, David Brakke, Dimitris Kyrtatas, Christian Bull, Jorunn Økland, Laura Feldt, Anders Klostergaard Petersen, Christine Bartlett. Sitting, from left to right: Samuel Rubenson, Ingvild S. Gilhus, Jan Bremmer, Moa Airijoki.
Zarko Tancosic

Main content

We have had a very successful and interesting international workshop during two days at the Norwegian Institute in Athens.

The papers that were presented had the following titles:

1.  "Moulding Monastic Minds and Memories" (Ingvild S. Gilhus)

2. "Greek Philosophy in Egyptian Monasticism: Origenistic Interpolations on the Coptic Plaxo-Excerpt (NHC VI,5)" (Christian H. Bull)

3. "Reading Scripture in Early Monasticism" (Samuel Rubenson)

4. "The Coherence of Gnosticism" (Einar Thomassen)

5. "The Gospel of Judas: Fragments of an Anchor Yale Bible Volume" (David Brakke)

6. "Egyptian Desert Fathers in the Middle Ages" (Moa Airijoki)

7. "What Caused the Demise of Greco-Roman Religion? An Essay" (Jan Bremmer)

8. "Invoking graphically the Archangel Michael in Christian Africa" (Alexandros Tsakos)

9. "Wilderness mythology in the west - wild nature, space and narrativity in late antique Gaul" (Laura Feldt)

10. "Early Christ-Religion and Asceticism: Asceticism as a Lens for Perceiving Religion in Late Antiquity" (Anders Klostergaard Petersen)

11. "Christians and Jews in Antioch at the time of John Chrysostom" (Dimitris J. Kyrtatas)