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Bilde professor Jens E. Kjeldsen

The research group for Rhetoric, Democracy and Public Culture teaches and researches the media's genres and roles in relation to influence, democracy and public discourse. In short: We examine the rhetoric of the media.

We work with rhetoric in a broad sense and our research examines media genres (e.g. debate, humor, political advertising, press photography and social media); strategic communication; credibility, trust and ethos; the rhetorical possibilities of the media; gender and identity; reception of rhetoric; visual communication and argumentation; everyday rhetoric and rhetorical citizenship; influence in the public; fraudulent communication as well as political communication.

We are particularly interested in public and democracy issues. In our work we combine traditional humanistic and text-analytical approaches with sociological and social science perspectives and methods.

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New publication
Cover, Design Issues, Volume 37, Issue 4. The MIT Press

The Rhetoric of Digital Presentation Tools in Politics

Professor Jens E. Kjeldsen writes in this autumn's issue of the American journal Design Issues about "The Rhetoric of Digital Presentation Tools in Politics: The Case of Visual Knowledge in President Obama's Enhanced State Of the Union"

Bilde professor Jens E. Kjeldsen

Jens E. Kjeldsen - The Rhetorical Power of Images

Professor Jens E. Kjeldsen has delivered a keynote at the Association for Visual Pedagogies (AVP) 2021 Conference

Mikrofon på bord i konferansehall

Creating trust through pandemic-rhetoric

How does the health-authorities choose to communicate when the world is experiencing a global crisis? This will be the main topic in a new rhetoric-study with researchers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.